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There’s exactly 100 days left till this year LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials.

Riders from the Netherlands won the fourth leg of the USA and third to the Belgians.

The Dutch squad took the lead after a demanding cross-country of the FEI Nations Cup class at LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials. Second place belongs to the USA, and third – to Austria. 

After today’s second part of the dressage, the German team is in the lead in the FEI Nations Cup class at LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials. 

The dressage trials, first tests of the equestrian triathlon, began the LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials eventing competition. 

The rivalry for valuable points in the fourth leg of the Nations Cup in equestrian triathlon will be decided this weekend in Morawa, during the 20th jubilee edition of LOTTO Strzegom Horse Trials.

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Czwartek / Thursday, 20.06.2024
Ujeżdżenie / Dressage

Piątek / Friday, 21.06.2024
Ujeżdżenie / Dressage

Sobota / Saturday, 22.06.2024
Cross country
Skoki / Showjumping

Niedziela / Sunday, 23.06.2024
Cross country
Skoki / Showjumping





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 Millstreet (IRL)  CCIO4*-NC-S  30.05-02.06.2024
 Avenches (SUI)  CCIO4*-NC-S  06-09.06.2024
 Strzegom (POL)  CCIO4*-NC-S  20-23.06.2024
 Arville (BEL)  CCIO4*-NC-S  15-18.08.2024
 Lignières (FRA)  CCIO4*-NC-S  26-29.09.2024
 Boekelo (NED)  CCIO4*-NC-L  10-13.10.2024